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Go-Slo Spaniel Bowl

Go-Slo Spaniel Bowl

Chow Bella

Cocker Spaniel Go-Slo Bowl:

Introducing our Go-Slo Bowl, expertly designed for your Cocker Spaniel. This bowl features a 15.5cm base diameter, a 10.5cm opening, and stands 8cm tall. With a generous capacity of 750ml, it's perfect for serving your pet's favourite meals.

The unique design slows down your Cocker Spaniel's eating pace, promoting healthier digestion and preventing bloating. What's more, it keeps your dog's gorgeous ears safely out of the way, so no more din-dins ears!

Handmade from durable ceramic, it's easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Choose this bowl for a healthier, happier mealtime for your Cocker Spaniel.

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Springer Spaniel Go-Slo Bowl:

Meet our Go-Slo Bowl, specially crafted for your Springer Spaniel. This bowl boasts a 17cm base diameter, a 13.5cm top diameter, and a height of 9.5cm. With a substantial capacity of 1250ml, it's ideal for your Springer Spaniel's hearty appetite.

The distinctive design slows down your Springer Spaniel's eating speed, encouraging healthier digestion and preventing bloating. What's more, it's unique shape keeps your dog's ears safely outside the bowl, so no more sardine-ears!

Handmade from robust ceramic, it's easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Opt for this bowl for a healthier, more enjoyable mealtime for your Springer Spaniel.

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Need a different size?

Not a problem - simply drop me a line ( and let me know what you need. Ideally I need you to let me know the diameter and height that you need, and we can take it from there. Because all my dog bowls are made from scratch it's easy for me to make adjustments.

Want a different colour?

Just painted your kitchen in a posh new Farrow & Ball colour? I can match lots of different colours fairly closely.

To order a different colour, simply click "custom colour" and then let me know what you'd like in the SPECIAL REQUESTS box. Ideally please let me have a pantone reference or email me an example. I can't promise that I'll get an exact match, but I'll do my best. The only colours that I can't do are fluorescent pinks or greens, but most others I can get close to.

If it's a rainbow coloured bowl that you're after, please select Ivory for both colours, and then head to the Special Commissions page to add the rainbow 🌈.

Want a third colour?

If you'd like an extra band of colour, please just select this from the drop down list. If your third colour is not listed because it is not a stock colour, then you'll need to check the Non-stock colour box as well.

Care of your bowl

The bowls are dishwasher proof, and because no transfers are used the colours will never fade. We recommend using the glass care (<45 degrees C) setting on your dishwasher.

Delivery time & postage

Because the bowls are handmade to order, they usually take around 4-5 weeks to be ready for despatch.  You will receive an update 2 or 3 weeks after placing your order to let you know that it is progressing. Every bowl has to be left to dry out completely before it can be fired. 

Bowls are sent by Royal Mail or DPD, but if you order more than one, you'll get FREE postage!

If you're looking for quicker delivery, please check out the ready made bowls here.

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