Your Questions Answered (most of them, anyway)

Ordering your first Chow Bella personalised pet bowl can be a little bit daunting with all the choices, and I fully recognise that it's very different to ordering something from Amazon. If you don't find the answer you're looking for below, please feel free to contact me ( or tel/WhatsApp 07876 510732) and I'll be happy to help.

How long? 

How long do the bowls take?

The average lead time is 4-5 weeks from order to despatch, so if you order on 3rd April, despatch will be between 1st - 8th May.


Why do they take so long?

As a small business (basically just me), I generally have a waiting list of around 100 orders before I get to yours. This means that it'll be around 2 weeks (longer in peak season which is Oct-Nov) before your order is made. I know that this seems like a really long time these days, but I will do my utmost to keep you in the loop. You'll receive an update when your bowl has been made, and another when it has been bisque fired, so that you know that it is progressing.  You are always welcome to drop me a line to find out whereabouts you are on the waiting list - I'll usually be able to tell you which day I'm expecting to start work on your bowl.  


Do you offer an Express Service? 

If you need a bowl faster than 4-5 weeks (perhaps you've forgotten a birthday or have adopted a dog sooner than expected), please contact me - depending on capacity I can sometimes offer an Express Service for an extra charge of £10.00. Your order will be prioritised, but please note that it will still take 2 weeks as the clay takes at least a week to thoroughly dry out before being fired.


What Colours?

Where can I see examples of the bowls and available colours?

Under each product there are lots of examples of the colours, but you can also have a look on my Instagram page where there are lots of gorgeous customer pics of different bowls. If you'd like to see a specific colour combination, please just get in touch as I can normally either find an example or at least put two bowls of those colours next to each other so that you can see.


Can I have a different colour to those shown?

Yes you can. Just pick "custom colour" which is at the bottom of the colour selections, and then add a note in the Special Requests box. It really helps if you can give me something like a pantone or paint colour reference so that I have something to try and colour match, but if not, you can just put "bright yellow" for example and that will be fine. There is a small charge (£3.50) for custom colours as I'll either have to mix it by hand, or order a small bottle of it just for you.


How do I add rainbow colours to my bowl?

If you'd like to add rainbow colours to your bowl, please pick "ivory" for both colour selections, and then once you've added the bowl to your cart, you'll need to head to the Special Commissions page where you can add the rainbow colours.


What Size?

I'm not sure what size I should order, can you help?

For Ear Free Bowls, please watch the video here explaining the difference between the most popular sizes that I get asked about. For each bowl, if you look at the product information it will give you recommendations as to which size/breed of dog that bowl is aimed at, and the dimensions and capacity of the bowl will be listed. However, if you are not sure, or you think you might need a size not shown, please do get in touch as I can very easily tweak the sizes so that the bowl is a perfect fit for your pet.


Is it possible to have a slightly different size made?

Absolutely! Please drop me a line with what you'd like. It helps if you can either send me a photo of your dog or cat (ideally with some context - a chair, a tennis ball, something that will give me a better idea of scale as photos can be a bit misleading!), or if you have another bowl that you'd like me to follow the dimensions of, then just ping them over to me.


Do you make slow feeder bowls?

Yes I do. Currently these are available for cocker spaniel bowls (there is an option when you are ordering to add this to your bowl). I will be adding this to the other shapes and sizes in 2023 once I have road tested them on willing doggie hoovers!  I also offer silicon slow feeder inserts which you can find here.


Can you do raised bowls?

Yes. I have made raised bowls for a few dogs and cats over the years. Please contact me to discuss your request. 


Care Instructions

As with your own dinnerware, please handle your Chow Bella bowl carefully. If it is subjected to being bashed around or dropped then it is likely to break. If you have a dog that really does like to shove its bowl around the kitchen floor, then it may be worth adding one of my non-slip mats to your order (also prevents slobberchops dribbles and catches those spat out bits of kibble!).

Are the bowls dishwasher/microwave safe?

Yes they are, apart from bowls which have transfers on them (this is generally only "Off the Shelf" bowls, for example with spaniel silhouettes), all bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. For bowls with transfers, I recommend hand washing, but they are still microwave safe.


Cancellations & Returns

Can I cancel or amend my order?

You can cancel or amend your order within 7 working days of the order date. This must be done in writing. Refunds will be back to the original payment method and may take up to 5 working days to be credited.


Do you accept returns?

On personalised items I cannot accept returns. For non-personalised (eg a bowl with no wording, or a mug) you may return the item to me. Please contact me with the details and I will arrange free postage for you.


Can I pay in instalments? 

You absolutely can! Just select Klarna at the checkout and you can either pay later or pay in instalments at no extra cost at all.



 I've received my bowl but something is wrong, what should I do?

Very occasionally mistakes happen, and I will do my utmost to put any errors right as soon as possible, either by paying for you to return the bowl to me to correct it, or by remaking it free of charge. It is really helpful if you can email me pictures showing the problem as this helps speed up the process.


My bowl has developed fine cracks in the glaze. Is this normal?

If your bowl develops cracks like these, it is a glaze fault known as "crazing". This can happen over time, especially with handmade ceramics. It is caused by the clay and the glaze expanding/shrinking at slightly different rates, causing stress on the glaze so that it starts to crack. Refiring the bowl will not fix this. If your bowl develops cracks like these within the first 12 months of receipt, I will remake it for you free of charge. Please send me clear photos as a first step.


My bowl has suddenly cracked all on its own!

Another common glaze problem (again, to do with glaze fit, but this time with the clay being the one to crack) is "dunting". This is where you may have used the bowl a couple of times and then you'll either hear a loud "ping", or you'll just go to pick it up and it will have a crack as shown. It is more common in the larger bowls and looks different to if the bowl has simply taken a knock. Please contact me with clear photos and if it looks like the bowl has dunted, I will of course remake it for you free of charge. 


I've had my bowl for a while and have chipped or cracked it. Can anything be done?

If your bowl has a minor chip on the rim, whilst I can't get rid of the chip, I can re-colour and re-glaze it so that it is still watertight - if you are interested in this please contact me with photos. There is a fee of £10 for this service which includes postage back to you. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the bowl to me.  If the bowl is cracked then unfortunately there is nothing I can do, as firing it will only cause the crack to become worse.


Anything else I can think of

Do you ship overseas?

Yes I do, but you may be liable for any import and duty taxes once the item reaches your country. Chow Bella is not responsible for these charges and cannot cover them.


What are your materials and eco credentials?

All bowls are made with British made clay. The colours and glazes are imported from the US and are food safe. The bowls are fired in electric kilns, with all of our electricity coming from renewable sources, and are posted in 100% biodegradeable packaging. I also contribute each month to to help offset my carbon footprint, and through this scheme, I have also funded the planting of over 1000 trees (as of April 2023).


Do you sell wholesale?

I do sell wholesale as long as I feel there is a good "fit" for my products. I do not offer dropship or personalised bowls wholesale. Please contact me for further information.