Personalised Pet Bowls as Unique as Your Dog or Cat Is.

Feeding your dog or cat is such an important time of the day, whether you have a food obsessed spaniel desperate for din-dins, or a poor feeder that you worry about and have to coax to eat.  Chow Bella dog and cat bowls are beautiful, handcrafted ceramic bowls, painted and personalised to your needs and guaranteed to make dinner time even more special.  They can be matched to your pet or your decor, and make wonderful gifts, too!

Please feel free to browse the website. There are plenty of pictures in the galleries but if you need any help, please feel free to contact us. 

  • How we make your bowl

    Unlike many personalised pet bowls, every single Chow Bella bowl is handmade from scratch using age old pottery methods. British craftsmanship at its best.

  • No transfers

    Your pet's name will be carefully debossed into the soft clay, making it absolutely permanent. Because a clear glaze is applied over the top of this, the writing and colours will remain as vibrant as the day they were applied. Forever!

  • Finishing touches

    Once your bowl has been bisque fired to 1150C, your chosen wording is carefully filled in by hand.

  • Handpainted

    Next, your bowl will be handpainted in your chosen colours using our vibrant underglazes. It's then dipped into a food safe glaze and fired again.

  • Our eco credentials

    At Chow Bella, we are very conscious of the environment. That's why we use 100% renewable energy to power the kilns.

    All our packaging is 100% biodegradeable (paper bubblewrap replaced the plastic stuff back in 2018).

    On top of that, for every single order placed, we plant a tree through our partnership with

  • Truly a small business

    Comprised of one full time member (Claire, centre, who makes every single bowl, runs the website, answers the emails, and is Director of the business) and two part-time staff, Catriona (left) who is our brilliant despatch manager, and Carla (right) who is the artistic assistant, helping out with painting the bowls.

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