Chow Bella Pet Bowls
Handmade from scratch
No transfers
Your pet's name permanently stamped into the clay
from start to finish
Beautiful range of contemporary colours available
Biodegradeable packaging
100% compostable
Ear Free Bowls
Say goodbye to soggy ears

Personalised Pet Bowls as Unique as Your Dog or Cat Is.

Feeding your dog or cat is such an important time of the day, whether you have a food obsessed spaniel desperate for din-dins, or a poor feeder that you worry about and have to coax to eat.  Chow Bella dog and cat bowls are beautiful, handcrafted ceramic bowls, painted and personalised to your needs and guaranteed to make dinner time even more special.  They can be matched to your pet or your decor, and make wonderful gifts, too!

Established in 2006, Chow Bella Ltd is a very small business run by potter Claire Pearson-Cowell, with the help of two part-time staff. Every single pet bowl is hand crafted on a traditional potter's wheel and can be customised to suit your pet, your decor, or both.  We are most well known for our Ear Free Bowls aimed at spaniels and other long eared dogs, but we also have a wide range of traditional dog bowls, cat bowls and treat jars.  We have made bowls for both celebrities and television and pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, with a 5* rating on TrustPilot

Chow Bella Pet Bowls make perfect gifts for your much loved pets, and I also have a range of beautiful bone china mugs and other gifts for yourself or your pet loving family.

Please feel free to browse the website. There are plenty of pictures in the galleries but if you need any help, please feel free to contact us. 


Here are just a few of the gorgeous customer pics I've been sent!

National Adopt a Cat Month

National Adopt a Cat Month

Battersea cat

June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat month. I'm a big fan of this as both my cats were rescued. One from a work colleague, and Taj, shown here, who came from Battersea Dogs and Cats home when he was 6 months old. 

I was immediately drawn to this sleek, gorgeous little boy, then named Foggy. He was renamed Taj after the very cool blues singer, Taj Mahal, because, well, he was a very cool cat. He was half Burmese, and would chat away endlessly. He'd sleep with his paw curled around my thumb (so sweet!).

When Bella arrived on the scene, about 2 years later, Taj found her a bit much, all that bouncing and full body wagging and shouting. Always a very calm character, Taj never ever swiped at her. Instead he'd just raise one paw as if to say, "Look, enough!". Bella was so desperate to be buddies with him, and must have watched his body language closely, because one morning, she jumped on the bed as usual, and Taj raised his paw. Well Bella had obviously decided this was some kind of greeting, and so she mirrored him and raised her paw as well - the pair of them sat there as if waving at each other across the street - I couldn't believe it!

Taj would spend many hours in my studio, where his favourite place to sit was, as shown, on the workbench next to my wheel, on top of all the letter stamps. Being a cat, he liked to knock the stamps onto the floor, which wasn't the most helpful thing in the world but that's cats for you!

The first ever cat bowl that I made was for Taj, in green and ivory with his name and even some Swarovski crystals on it just for poshness :-)

Adopting a cat can be so rewarding and a good rescue centre will make sure they match you with a suitable cat for where you live. Why not think about it?



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Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint

I have always strived to make Chow Bella as harmless to the environment as possible. Since 2019 we have been using fully biodegradable packaging, and the electricity that fires the kilns is from 100% renewable sources. I recycle the plastic bottles that my glaze colours come in, and my large glaze buckets are turned into grow buckets for my Kratky hydroponic tomatoes in the greenhouse!

However there is always more that can be done. So I am very pleased to have partnered up with, who are tackling the climate crisis by planting trees and supporting projects and reduce carbon emissions. 

Every month, I will be making a donation to to plant 88 trees (including a portion specifically for the UK). On top of that, for the first 100 orders placed each month, 1 tree will be planted (so 100 orders = 100 trees).

What I love about is that they are very transparent in their goals and in what happens with funding. You can download reports of the trees that have been purchased and they have up to date reports on all of the projects that are being supported, from peatland restoration in Indonesia to fuel efficient cookstoves in Honduras. They are also supporting reforestation with UK landowners - something I am particularly passionate about, living in an area where swathes of woodland has been decimated recently to make way for new housing.

You can find out more about and view Chow Bella's ecologi profile here.


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Mother's Day ideas

Mother's Day ideas

Sunday 21st March is Mothering Sunday in the UK, and if you're a family where your dogs ARE your kids, then you'll probably be looking for a gift for the best dog mum in your life. We've had a look and picked our top 5 ideas for you:

Up first, this stylish Dog Mum T-shirt from - £18.00


Have a dog bed hog? We love these pillowcases! £30 from Not On The High Street.


Personalised keyrings from The Little Picture Company from £5.95


Gorgeous cards from Heather Alstead Design at £3.45


Of course at Chow Bella we will also have our highly popular Best Dog Mum mugs priced at £12.99 including UK delivery - these will be on sale from the end of February.

And if you're looking for other gorgeous gifts that aren't necessarily dog related but are definitely perfect for Mother's Day, check out who has compiled a list of his top 34 small businesses to support this Mother's Day, with some absolutely fantastic ideas! 



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