Chow Bella Pet Bowls
Handmade from scratch
No transfers
Your pet's name permanently stamped into the clay
from start to finish
Beautiful range of contemporary colours available
Biodegradeable packaging
100% compostable
Ear Free Bowls
Say goodbye to soggy ears

Personalised Pet Bowls as Unique as Your Dog or Cat Is.

Feeding your dog or cat is such an important time of the day, whether you have a food obsessed spaniel desperate for din-dins, or a poor feeder that you worry about and have to coax to eat.  Chow Bella dog and cat bowls are beautiful, handcrafted ceramic bowls, painted and personalised to your needs and guaranteed to make dinner time even more special.  They can be matched to your pet or your decor, and make wonderful gifts, too!

Established in 2006, Chow Bella Ltd is a very small business run by potter Claire Pearson-Cowell, with the help of two part-time staff. Every single pet bowl is hand crafted on a traditional potter's wheel and can be customised to suit your pet, your decor, or both.  We are most well known for our Ear Free Bowls aimed at spaniels and other long eared dogs, but we also have a wide range of traditional dog bowls, cat bowls and treat jars.  We have made bowls for both celebrities and television and pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, with a 5* rating on TrustPilot

Chow Bella Pet Bowls make perfect gifts for your much loved pets, and I also have a range of beautiful bone china mugs and other gifts for yourself or your pet loving family. 

Please feel free to browse the website. There are plenty of pictures in the galleries but if you need any help, please feel free to contact us. 

Chow Bella is 15 years old!

Chow Bella is 15 years old!

It seems impossible to believe, but it's a whole 15 years since Chow Bella was born. The business started almost by accident, when I made the very first spaniel bowl for my little blue roan cocker, Bella, waaaaay back in 2006.
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Revealed: The Top Ten Dog Names 2020

Revealed: The Top Ten Dog Names 2020

Has your dog's name made the grade?
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Chow Bella's Covid-19 NHS appeal

Chow Bella's Covid-19 NHS appeal

There is now an option for you to request Chow Bella to donate £1 of your order to the NHS Covid-19 charity appeal. In the first two days Chow Bella has raised £15, keep it coming!
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Below you'll find a few examples of my work - please check out my Instagram feed for many more!

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