Ear Free Bowls®

Ear Free Zone!  Don't let din-dins get in those beautiful ears! Our personalised Ear Free Bowls are where the business began and are still our best sellers nearly 15 years on - ergonomically designed to keep even the silkiest ears safely out of the way, meaning less drips across the floor, less grooming for you and your dog, and, top of the list, nicer after dinner cuddles!

Delivery: Every single bowl is handmade from scratch, so please allow 4-5 weeks from order to despatch (ie if you order 1st March, your bowl will be despatched around 1st April).

Recommended for: All long eared dogs such as long-haired mini dachshunds, cocker spaniels, cockapoos, springer spaniels, setters and basset hounds.

Not sure which size?  Watch this 2.5min video 👇 or take this quiz to find the perfect match!

Chow Bella Spaniel Bowls are a registered design with the IPO, Design No. 5003056


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Lead Time

Due to high demand, you should allow 4-5 weeks from order to despatch. Our waiting list typically has over 100 orders on it so please bear with us. It'll be worth the wait, we promise!