Luxury Cat Essentials: Bowls & Gifts for UK Cat Lovers

Chow Bella Presents: The Ultimate Cat Essentials for the Discerning UK Owner

Superior Quality, Unbeatable Luxury

You appreciate the finer things in life. Shouldn't your cat enjoy the same? Our range of handcrafted cat bowls are more than just dining vessels; they're an epitome of British craftsmanship, meticulously designed to elevate your cat's dining experience.

  • Wide, Whisker-Friendly Bowls & Saucers: We recognize that the details matter. Our wide, whisker-friendly bowls and saucers are designed to ensure that your cat can feast without the discomfort of whisker fatigue.
  • Raised Bowls for Elevated Dining: The luxury doesn't end at the ground. Our raised bowls promote a more natural eating posture, blending ergonomic design with aesthetic charm.
  • Beehive Bowls for the Discerning Feline: When it comes to dining, your cat deserves to be buzzing with joy. Our beehive bowls are perfect for cats such as Persians, allowing them to sip in comfort without their fur getting soaked.

The Finest Treats for the Finest Felines

Why compromise on quality when it comes to treats? Our gourmet Innocent Hound cat treats not only satisfy but nourish—making every bite an event worth celebrating.

Artisan Storage, Meets Functionality

Elevate your home aesthetics with our treat jars. Skillfully crafted, these jars are more than containers—they're conversation pieces.

For You, the Cat Enthusiast

Sip your morning coffee with our exclusive, cat-themed mugs. Quality and style, combined to perfection.

Why Choose Chow Bella?

We are a UK-based brand, committed to delivering unparalleled quality in every product.

Every single bowl and jar is handmade by artisan potter, Claire Pearson-Cowell, and guaranteed to be a one-off, unique piece just for your cat.

For the pet owner who understands that luxury extends beyond the human realm.

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