Collection: Black Friday Sale!

This Black Friday, Chow Bella invites you to a rare opportunity. For a limited time, our exclusive range of handcrafted pet accessories – mugs, baubles, bowls, and more – are available at discounts of up to 50%. Each item, meticulously crafted, embodies both the spirit of luxury and the joy of pet companionship.

Our range extends beyond the ordinary. For this special event, find limited edition designs, unique in their charm and available exclusively for Black Friday. These pieces are perfect for those who seek the exceptional, not just the necessary.

As the festive season approaches, our discounted mugs and baubles emerge as the perfect gifts. They are more than objects; they are tokens of warmth and affection, ideal for those who cherish their pets as much as you do.

Join us at Chow Bella for a Black Friday event that is less about the discount and more about the value. Indulge in the luxury that you and your pet deserve.