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Chow Bella's Covid-19 NHS appeal

We are in such strange times, aren't we? On the one hand, our dogs and cats are probably loving having us all at home with them, we're getting to sort out our gardens, our houses, bake cakes, spend time with the kids. On the other hand, there are hundreds of people dying every day from this awful virus, and all of their families being grief stricken.

Our NHS workers and all other care workers are doing such an incredible job in such difficult circumstances (amongst my good friends are a paramedic, a nurse and a children's health visitor). And to that end, if you buy a bowl, there is now an option to request that I donate £1 of your order to the NHS Covid-19 charity appeal to help provide essential support for our amazing NHS staff and volunteers. 

For Chow Bella, it is a strangely busy time, with lots of people ordering bowls. For now I am still able to get hold of clay but it is fast running out as all manufacturers are closed, so at some point I will need to stop taking orders.

Stay safe everyone, and stay at home.

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