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Coronavirus and Chow Bella

Coronavirus and Chow Bella

We are in such a worrying time and I know many of you are being impacted by the spread of Coronavirus, especially now that we have new guidelines about social distancing.

I am very lucky, in that I work by myself (I do have an assistant, Catriona, who works for a few hours a week packing the bowls for me), and do not have to have too much contact with other people on a day to day basis. 

Chow Bella will be operating as usual, unless I become ill, which may mean that your order will be late - if this is going to be the case I will do my best to update you.

If you do need information on coronavirus, please visit

In the meantime, please do NOT panic buy, and then there will be enough food and toilet roll to go around. 

Wishing anyone who is unwell a speedy recovery.

Best wishes


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