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Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint

I have always strived to make Chow Bella as harmless to the environment as possible. Since 2019 we have been using fully biodegradable packaging, and the electricity that fires the kilns is from 100% renewable sources. I recycle the plastic bottles that my glaze colours come in, and my large glaze buckets are turned into grow buckets for my Kratky hydroponic tomatoes in the greenhouse!

However there is always more that can be done. So I am very pleased to have partnered up with, who are tackling the climate crisis by planting trees and supporting projects and reduce carbon emissions. 

Every month, I will be making a donation to to plant 88 trees (including a portion specifically for the UK). On top of that, for the first 100 orders placed each month, 1 tree will be planted (so 100 orders = 100 trees).

What I love about is that they are very transparent in their goals and in what happens with funding. You can download reports of the trees that have been purchased and they have up to date reports on all of the projects that are being supported, from peatland restoration in Indonesia to fuel efficient cookstoves in Honduras. They are also supporting reforestation with UK landowners - something I am particularly passionate about, living in an area where swathes of woodland has been decimated recently to make way for new housing.

You can find out more about and view Chow Bella's ecologi profile here.


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