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How to treat a dog pawrent for Mother's Day

How to treat a dog pawrent for Mother's Day

How can you treat the pet parent in your life for Mother's Day? Here, Kirsty Pankherd from personalised gifts brand Write From The Heart offers some tips on how to give them the perfect present.

Mother's Day is an important celebration for all the parents out there, but it's a fun occasion for people who are 'pawrents' too. Having a pet is a big commitment(especially when the pet in question is a dog), and it's fun to treat the person in your life who is looking after a four-legged friend. Here, we'll go through some personalised ideas you can try out to give a special present to the dog-lover in your life.

A personalised keepsake

Gifting a personalised keepsake is sure to make someone's day even more special. You can buy cushions, jewellery, cosy pyjamas and blankets all personalised with either your loved one's name or their pet's (or both!). For something that's undeniably unique, you could also surprise them with a gift that has a portrait of their pet on it, such as a blanket or T-shirt.

Think about what  colours and styles might fit with your loved one's aesthetic, or things they particularly like to do. Gifting them something they can use to have a comfy night in with their pooch is ideal, and having it personalised will ensure they remember the day for years to come.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a luxurious treat that everyone will appreciate. If your partner is a dedicated pawrent, try waking up earlier than them and making their favourite breakfast foods. Then, they can have breakfast in bed with their pet.

You could also add a vase of flowers and a gift to the breakfast tray to really make it into a special occasion. Don't forget to plan this the day before and pop to the supermarket for any ingredients you might need .

A scented candle

You can also create a relaxing night off for the pawrent in your life with a beautiful scented candle. Combine it with a nice meal, and their favourite film or TV series, and you could be onto a winner. Choose scents associated with relaxation, such as lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. Then, sit back and let the candle spread its atmosphere of relaxation around your home.

A pet portrait

The ultimate pawrent gift on Mother's Day has to be the pet portrait. Find a highly quality photo of your dog, and get it printed into a beautiful portrait online. You can even choose your desired frame, making sure that the portrait will fit in with the existing décor of your home.

This will mark the occasion in a fun, sentimental way, and show your loved one that you are thinking of them on Mother's Day. Think about where the portrait might be displayed — get the correct frame whether it will be hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf.

A day trip

Another great way to celebrate is to go on a trip — with the dog in tow! Hiking or walking in nearby spots of natural beauty is a great way to create a memorable day. You could also go for a picnic or visit the seaside. Whatever you choose, make sure to take some photos to remember the day with, and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty. You might even find that you snap the perfect picture of the pawrent and their dog for next year's portrait gift.

A Lovely Cuppa

Of course you could always buy her a gorgeous Chow Bella mug especially for Mother's Day. The mugs are made from beautiful bone china and feature "World's Best Mum" both front and back.

Gifting something personalised and sentimental will make Mother's Day into a fun occasion for the pawrent in your life, and you can use these tips to get you started when considering what to get. Your loved one will appreciate the time you’ve spent to choose a personalised gift , and remember this gesture for years to come.

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