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Raised Cat Bowl

Raised Cat Bowl

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The Chow Bella Raised Cat Bowl: Where Comfort Meets Wellness

The Chow Bella Raised Cat Bowl: Where Comfort Meets Wellness

Elevated Dining, Elevated Living

Is your feline friend struggling with mealtime discomforts? Our Chow Bella Raised Cat Bowls bring wellness to your cat's dining table.

Easy on the Joints

Arthritic pain and joint stress can make mealtime a chore for your cat. Our elevated design minimizes discomfort, enabling a pain-free dining experience.

Digestion Done Right

An elevated feeding angle promotes healthy digestion and reduces the risk of regurgitation. No more after-meal discomfort—just a content, healthy cat.

Controlled Eating, Happy Feeding

Slower, more controlled eating helps prevent bloating and upset stomach, making every mealtime a joy rather than a rushed event.

Handcrafted Excellence

Expertly designed and handcrafted in the UK, these bowls offer unmatched quality for discerning felines and their owners.


The base of these feeders raises the bowl by approx 7cm. The bowl itself is 3cm deep and a whisker friendly 16cm wide, with a gentle curve making it easy for your cat to eat.

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