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Stink Bomb Deodorising Dog Spray 250ml

Stink Bomb Deodorising Dog Spray 250ml

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You know that time when you're walking your dog before your in-laws arrive, and she decides to roll in (tick all applicable) dead rabbit/fox poo/human poo? (yes, Bella went there.) Well THIS is the product you want to carry in your car at all times. It really, really does the trick - although you may want to wear a glove or cover your hand with a clean poo bag before actually rubbing your lovely pet's stinky fur.  I used it all the time when I was a dog walker in London (think being confined in a car with 3+ fox poo rollers, not good!) and it really saved my bacon.

Here's what Animology say about it:

Stink Bomb is a vitamin enriched deodorising dog spray that helps to reduce odour & keep your dog’s coat fresh, clean & healthy between washes.

  • Deodorising formulation
  • Built in conditioner for a healthy coat
  • Infused with our ‘Signature’ scent for a fresh smelling coat

Stink Bomb is a deodorising dog spray enriched with vitamins and conditioners to help maintain the condition of your dog's coat.

Infused with our 'Signature' scent this leave-on spray helps to reduce odour by combating it at the source, leaving your dog smelling fresh and fragrant for longer.

All Animology leave-in dog sprays are vitamin and conditioner enriched to help maintain the health, strength and condition of your dog's coat. Each spray is also deodorising, helping to keep your dog's coat fresher for longer between washes.

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