dog bowls uk
dog bowls uk

Personalised Dog Bowls

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" - Roger Caras


Your dog is such an important part of the family. Sometimes he *is* your family. You share your worries with him, and he's there day in, day out, making you laugh with his antics and listening to your every word.


At Chow Bella I recognise how important our dogs are (the business started because of my cocker, Bella). I also recognise that sometimes it's nice to treat them to something that is practical, elegant, and will also look great in your home and be a talking point with visitors.


Chow Bella dog bowls are all lovingly crafted by hand on a traditional potter's wheel and then designed to your specifications. You can pick from a wide range of colours to suit your dog or your kitchen. The bowls are dishwasher proof unless stated, and, accidents aside, should last for years.


Available in three sizes:


Small dog bowls (5cm x 12cm) - recommended for border terriers, Bichons etc


Medium dog bowls (6cm x 16cm) - recommended for staffies, smaller collies etc


Large dog bowls (8cm x 20cm)- recommended for retrievers, larger collies etc


"The only dog bowls in town! My 3rd bowl from Chow Bella and still the envy of all my dog owning friends! Nothing comes close!" - Greg T, Aug 2017

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