Chow Bella began in 2006, when Claire Pearson-Cowell, who was in between ceramics studios (then working full time in publishing and making art ceramics in her spare time), was fed up of her Cocker Spaniel Bella's ears always being wet or crusty from draping in her food bowl. So she decided to make her a bespoke bowl.

A week or so later, feeling quite chuffed with the clean ear scenario at home, she mentioned this on a cocker spaniel forum, and the rest, as they say, is history! The business had to be named after Bella and so Chow Bella was born. Spaniel bowls (Ear Free Bowls®) are still the mainstay of the business and will always be at the core of Chow Bella.


Very sadly, Bella left us in March 2019. She was 14 and had lived such an amazingly joyous life and will always be hugely missed. She remains a big part of the business and her face adorns the logo.

Claire lives in Hampshire with her partner and one dog, a lurcher called Sox.