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"With the Pet Product & Services Awards 2019, LUXlife Magazine looks to recognise those who have helped the industry see exponential growth in recent years. How we care, feed, and treat our pets is a reflection on society and the Pet Product & Service Awards looks to provide the accolades for those who allow us to care for our domestic animal population in a sustainable and humane fashion.

We reward individuals, organisations and enterprises who strive to produce the services and products which benefit the health and well-being of mankind’s best friends. With the growth and introduction of niche trends within the pet sector such as: dog beer breweries, cat cafes and pet subscription services amongst many other wild and wonderful businesses, who we seek to identify and honour."

Dogs Monthly magazine, Feb 2019

Chow Bella pet bowls reviews Your Cat magazine July 2016

"If you're a pet owner - and especially if you have spaniels, or any other long eared dog - I doubt you'll be able to resist these stylish handmade pet bowls from Chow Bella" - Jen Haken, April 2016

Maker of the Week blog on www.selectamaker.com



Daily Telegraph 10th April 2016

Dogs Today March 2016

Sunday Telegraph, December 2015

Crafts Beautiful, May 2013

"I love my Chow Bella bowls so much" - Beverley Cuddy, Dogs Today, October 2010

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