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Chow Bella began 13 years ago, when Claire Pearson-Cowell, who was in between ceramics studios (then working full time in publishing and making art ceramics in her spare time), was fed up of her Cocker Spaniel Bella's ears always being wet or crusty from draping in her food bowl. So she decided to make her a bespoke bowl.


A week or so later, feeling quite chuffed with the clean ear scenario at home, she mentioned this on a cocker spaniel forum, and the rest, as they say, is history! Chow Bella has grown in a truly organic way, and 5 years ago, Claire was able to quit her other jobs and go full time with the bowls.


All these years on, spaniel bowls are still our number one best seller, so much so that Ear Free Bowls and Ear Free Zone are now both trademarked to protect them! 

Meet the team!


Claire Pearson-Cowell

Claire is the founder and, to date, sole employee of Chow Bella. When not physically making the bowls she can be found either hunched over a kiln, wrapping and packing the bowls for delivery, doing admin, or walking the dog. She lives in a beautiful part of Hampshire with her partner and a Saluki Whippet lurcher called Sox.


Claire studied ceramics at London's City Lit and has a Dip H.Ed (distinction) in Fine and Applied Art: Ceramics (she also has a BA(Hons) from her previous life)



Bella was really the other founder of Chow Bella, because if it weren't for her and her splendid ears, I wouldn't have made the original bowl all those years ago. She was my constant companion in the studio and very much part of the business. I very sadly lost her on 5th March 2019. She was, in my mind, the best little dog in the world and will never be forgotten. Her legacy is Chow Bella.



Photo of Bella courtesy and copyright of Penel Malby Photography.

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