Ordering your first Chow Bella bowl can be a little bit daunting with all the choices. If you don't find the answer you're looking for below, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help.


1. How do I order a personalised bowl?

Please see this video which walks you through the process.


2. Where can I see examples of the bowls?

There are two options for this. Firstly there is the main gallery which has lots of examples of different sizes and colours. Secondly, if you click into the size of bowl that you'd like to order, there is a gallery that you can scroll through showing that particular type of bowl. At the end of this gallery there is a picture that shows all the different colours available with a key.


3. I'm not sure what size I should order, can you help?

The sizes of the bowls are stated on each bowl type with recommendations for what size of dog they would suit, but please do check the dimensions before ordering, as I cannot be held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. 


4. Is it possible to have a slightly different size made?

Absolutely! Please contact me to discuss.


5. Why do the bowls take so long?

Every single bowl is handmade from scratch and needs time to dry out before going through two rounds of firing. As I am a one woman business I also have a waiting list, so I normally make bowls around two weeks after they have been ordered, and they then need two weeks for the drying and firing process to happen. You will receive an update once your bowl has been physically made so that you're kept in the loop. Please see here for more information on how the bowls are made.


6. Are the bowls dishwasher safe?

Yes, unless they have transfers (which will be clearly stated). Because I put a clear glaze on top of the colour, the bowls are dishwasher safe and the colour and wording will not fade, unlike other bowls where transfers are used. I recommend using the Glassware setting or a lower temperature.


7. Can I cancel or amend my order?

You can cancel or amend your order within 14 days of the order date. This must be done in writing. Refunds will be back to the original payment method and may take up to 5 working days to be credited.


8. I've received my bowl but something is wrong, what should I do?

Please contact me as soon as possible but ideally within 5 working days of receipt. Very occasionally things do go wrong (I am only human!) and I will do my utmost to put any errors right as soon as possible. It is really helpful if you can email me pictures showing the problem as this helps speed up the process.


9. I've had my bowl for a while and have chipped or cracked it. Can anything be done?

Unfortunately, no, chips or cracks cannot be fixed - sorry!


10. Do you sell wholesale?

I do sell wholesale as long as I feel there is a good "fit" for my products. I do not offer dropship or personalised bowls wholesale. Please contact me for further information.



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